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Issue 1497 – Carried – July 12, 2024

The baby grebe will soon be big enough to be independent, and its parents will move on to other things. God never moves on to “other things.” Our Father remains important from before our conception through all of eternity.

Issue 1495 – Stuffy – July 10, 2024

I am suggesting a radical old idea. Allow the church and its leadership to love people where they are. Let the church be all it was called to be. 

Issue 1493 – No Roller Skating – July 8, 2024

In the pews and in the pulpit, there are sheep and goats. In the ministry and the masses there are weeds and wheat. We will be surprised when we get to glory, both by who is there and who is not.

Issue 1490 – Cracking Rocks – July 4, 2024

Yes, the church needs to be united. Yet we must never compromise biblical truth for what the world sees as unity. We must join together and earnestly contend for the faith once and for all.

Issue 1489 – The Walk – July 3, 2024

There is another walk that we need to be concerned with. It is our faith walk, our journey through this life. The way we display our faith in our own lives impacts our own attitudes and, often, the responses of the people around us.