Issue 809 – Grumbling – July 28, 2022

Turkey dinner with all the fixings

I have no idea why, but I awoke thinking about turkey dinners this morning. You know the type, the family gathered around a table piled high with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, salads, veggies, pickles, buns and more—the kind where almost everyone eats more than they should and then needs a nap afterwards.

Perhaps you don’t like turkey, and that’s okay. Maybe it is a ham dinner, a nice roast or something else. Perhaps it is a special vegan or vegetarian delight that appeals.

My favourite part of a big turkey dinner is having turkey sandwiches for several days afterwards. Hot turkey sandwiches the first day and then cold the next, maybe served with some turkey soup, followed by a turkey casserole several days later.

What amazes me about turkey dinner (or any similar feast) is how people can immediately begin complaining in the midst of it or shortly after. I can hear it now. “I hate leftovers,” “I hate doing dishes.” “I wish we could have dinner without Uncle being here,” and so on.

We can move from feating to grumbling in the blink of an eye, all amid abundance.

The people of Israel were no different when wandering in the desert. God provided them with abundant quail and bread from heaven to eat.

And the Lord said to Moses, “I have heard the grumbling of the people of Israel. Say to them, ‘At twilight you shall eat meat, and in the morning you shall be filled with bread. Then you shall know that I am the Lord your God.'” In the evening quail came up and covered the camp, and in the morning dew lay around the camp. And when the dew had gone up, there was on the face of the wilderness a fine, flake-like thing, fine as frost on the ground. When the people of Israel saw it, they said to one another, “What is it?” For they did not know what it was. And Moses said to them, “It is the bread that the Lord has given you to eat. Exodus 16:11-15

 Now the house of Israel called its name manna. It was like coriander seed, white, and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey. 

Exodus 16:3

It wasn’t long before heaven’s bread and the quail were not enough for them.

Now the rabble that was among them had a strong craving. And the people of Israel also wept again and said, “Oh that we had meat to eat! We remember the fish we ate in Egypt that cost nothing, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic. But now our strength is dried up, and there is nothing at all but this manna to look at.” Numbers 11:4-6 

The Israelites went from praise and thanksgiving to murmuring and complaining, falling from gratefulness to groaning. It’s an easy fall.

I am not sure why we are so prone to grumbling and discontent other than to identify it as sin. I see it in the world around me every day. People living in North America are amongst the freest, most materially wealthy in the world. Even our poor and disenfranchised are better off than most of the world.

Yet people seemingly complain about everything. The young complain about the old, and the old whine about the young. Neither stops to consider what a blessing each is.

When we find ourselves complaining, we need to stop. Stop, and instead of whining, count our blessings. Count our blessings and give thanks to God. That thought isn’t new, but it is a spiritual discipline we have forgotten.

What blessings are in your life right now that you’ve turned into cursing in your mind? What are you complaining about?

Until next time may the words that come from your lips be words of blessing, not cursing and thanksgiving, not complaining.

Hallelu Yah (Praise God)

Be blessed


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